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"...[Irish] Setters are undoubtedly the best dogs for an American..."
--The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume IV January to July 1839

We think it's true, and if you get to know one of our dogs, we're sure you will too!

For nearly two decades we've been breeding Irish Setters and finding loving homes for them all over the United States. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the guarantee of the finest quality Irish Setters either from our own litters or from other breeders around Ireland. Our puppies are all home-bred and socialized and only the best puppies with the most even and outgoing temperaments are allowed to travel to America.

Each of our Irish Setters is registered with either the IKC or KC and is eligible to be registered with the AKC. The exceptional standard of our Irish Setters allows us to happily guarantee the health of each one our puppies that is selected for international travel. They only leave us after thorough veterinary examinations during which each puppy receives its first and second set of puppy shots and a microchip for identification among other things.

We have the utmost confidence in our breed.  We strive for and achieve the greatest standards in breeding and finding new homes for our each of our puppies.  We stand behind  each and every one of them and the relationship that develops between our puppies and their new families.

We look forward to helping you find your Irish Setter!

Leah O'Neill Fichtner & Family






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